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Warranty No Warranty. The Eastern Jungle Gym Horse Glider Swing Seat is the perfect accessory for any backyard wooden swing set! Great for families with multiple kids, this swing is designed to fit two children sitting back-to-back and is recommended for children 3 years Highly durable plastic

If you're looking for a reliable machete that looks and works great, then this is for you. One of our very own jungle master fixed and survival black stainless steel machete has an extraordinary feature that is also quite captivating, a reverse saw. 23" Overall 3Mm Blade Thickness Red And Black

This is 8 inch blade mini jungle wooden handle Khukuri.This is slightly smaller than standard jungle khukuri, therefore it is called Mini jungle.It is used for small cutting,pruning and similar tasks.The blade is 8" long and the Indian rose wood Authentic khukuri directly from Official Supplier to

These handles will provide additional safety for your child as they climb and play. Provides additional safety for climbing Mounts easily to most wooden playsets and swingsets 9.5" plastic safety handle grips | Color is yellow Includes 2 handles, 2 washers and 2 lag bolts Residential use only

The Tribe One Jungle CordTM is a new twist on and old idea. Made from braided 3/16" shock cord with traditional termination hooks, the Jungle CordTM has the ability to hook to itself in any location. This unique feature allows you to have the Material: 3/16" Shock Cord Tensile Strength: 900

Lifetime Dome Climber Play Center provides a 10Foot Radius climbing structure for 3 to 10 year old children. If you’re looking for big toys to keep the kids entertained in your own backyard, check out this awesome big toy from Lifetime--the Heavy-duty construction; weather- and rust-resistant

Don't brave the jungle without this knife! The Amazon Jungle Survival Knife is the ultimate in survival knives. It features a drilled guard for strapping and spear applications and heavy jagged sawback ridge design, completed with a corded handle Heavy, rugged sawback blade design Razor-sharp

Like the Deep Jungle models, the Jungle Explorer Zip is also designed for the buggiest jungles on the planet like Borneo, the Amazon, the Congo or just down by the river, but at a more affordable price. The Jungle Explorer Zip also has a 100% Asymmetrical Side Zip Entry / Double Bottom Height

Made from tough rigid 1055 carbon steel with a strong spring temper, it's virtually unbreakable and offers the weight forward balance necessary to chop through vines, saplings, and brush and even trees with ease. What's more, its sharp point offers Blade Thickness: 2.8 mm Handle: 5 5/8" Long.