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Airace® Bike Pump is a high-quality bicycle floor pump with easy-to-read large gauge and clever twin valve head that can fit both Presta and Schrader. This pump is available in 4 colors - Red, Blue, Golden and White. There is another option for Clever Twin Valve Design with Thumb-Lock Lever -

The AIRACE white mini bike pump is a micro telescope size pump with the capacity up to 100 PSI, which makes this pump a very compact and effective bike pump. The dust cap can keep your nozzle clean and the extractable hose can protect tire valve Micro telescope size pump & Maximum pressure 100

SHOCK & Tire Innovative floor pump for both air suspension shocks and tires! Patented pump head for both “shock and tire”.  The pump head can inflate the air suspension shocks, inflate Presta or Schrader tires, has additional mini hose for A large 2.5 in gauge reads up to 300 psi (21

Key feature - A high quality CNC gauge - Maximum pressure up to 150 psi - Integrated dust cap can keep your nozzle clean - Extractable hose can protect tire valve from damage - Fit Presta, Schrader and Dunlop air valves. Steps to mount on bike: - Come with frame and a high quality CNC gauge Fit