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According to Ken Blanchard, ''I love CAUSE! It's all about people and organizations who feel called to make a difference—to serve a purpose far beyond the typical bottom line. The book's design is a feast for the eyes and its message is food for

Pre Saturated Cleaning Card for Barcode & Receipt Printers. Effectively removes all dirt, dust, ink, tape & adhesive residue and other contaminants from the print head, paper guides and paper path. Will improve printer quality, legibility and will Presaturated magnetic head cleaning

Warranty Comes with Manufacturer Warranty . HR-100TM CASIO Desk-Top Printing Calculator HR-100TM This compact but powerful printing calculator is perfect for home or office. This calculator is capable of producing two lines per second, for fast entry and printing. With a large, Printing

Warranty ONE YEAR. The Canon HS-1200TS may be small in terms of dimensions, but this portable desktop calculator is enhanced with many sophisticated features. The 12-digit, upright angled, liquid crystal display provides large, easy-to-read numbers for maximum viewing Profit margin

Warranty ONE YEAR. Canon united portable size with business functions to create the small, but powerful, LS-100TS. Now you can calculate advanced formulas on this handheld display unit, then drop it into your pocket and run. The LS-100TS incorporates new and improved Profit margin calculation Quick

20B Financial Calculator HP Calculators F2219AA#ABA 20B Business Consultant

Warranty 1 year warranty. Desktop Calculator with large 12 digit display. Cost, Sell, Margin, Tax Keys. Extra Large 12 Digit Display Cost/Sell/Margin & Tax Keys Desktop Calculator with kick stand Solar Powered with Battery Back Up