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If you are looking out for bigger that 6.5 inch speakers, then CT Sounds also has solutions for you with one extraordinary product called- Bio 6x9" Coax speaker. For car speaker systems, CT Sounds Bio 6x9" Coax is one of the marvelous solutions as Door Speakers Power Rating Per Pair - 80w RMS /

When you need a top-notch qualified speaker for your car speaker systems, then better check out the new Bio 6.5" Coax Speaker from CT Sounds! With black stamp steel basket, the Bio 6.5" Coax speaker lets you go for high sounds without any possible Speaker Power Rating Per Pair - 60w RMS / 120w

CT Sounds brings you its one exquisite speaker product called the Bio 5x7" Coax as your car speakers solution. CT's Bio 5x7" speakers comes to with you with black stamp steel basket; which allows you to fix it strongly and use as door speakers for 40w rms each - 80w rms total 2 Way Silk Dome