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Red Copper Square Pan 5 pc Red Copper Square Pan 5 pc As seen on TV Fry Basket and Steamer plate included!

The Amazing Crisping Fryer That Works in your Oven. Get the crunch & crisp you can't resist without added oils or fat. Unique elevated nonstick tray allows superheated air to pass through & circulate around all 360 degrees of your food for the Turn Your Oven into an Air Fryer No Turning & No

Now you can grill, roast, fry, saute & bake- all in one pan! CopperChef 360 is the nonstick pan that replaces most of your kitchen utensils. Made of the highest quality, heavy-duty craftsmanship, your Copper Chef pan cooks on all stovetop surfaces. 2 10" Round Pans and 2 lids- Individually Packed-

Red Copper is non-stick cookware for today's health conscious consumer. Red Copper is made without the use of synthetic chemicals PFOA and PTFE yet even the stickiest foods slide right off with ease.Fry eggs, flambé desserts, broil savory flaky Enjoy safe, healthy cooking without the need for