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If you're looking for a reliable machete that looks and works great, then this is for you. One of our very own jungle master fixed and survival black stainless steel machete has an extraordinary feature that is also quite captivating, a reverse saw. 23" Overall 3Mm Blade Thickness Red And Black

Jungle Master Machete - Orange Camo is just the portable tool you're looking for to perform different functions while outdoors. This machete comes in handy during hunting, hiking, and camping trips. The blade is a 5mm black stainless steel blade 15" overall length Stainless steel 5mm black

Jungle Master JM-021 Full Tang Machete, Black Blade, Black Cord-Wrapped Handle, 21-Inch Overall.The MTech USA Camping Axe (MT-AXE8 Series) features stainless steel construction and a cord-wrapped handle, with a 15-inch overall length. This tactical Camping/ Survival Kit JM-021- 21-Inch overall,