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Cheap Price Noodle & Boo Nectar for the Mama, Blissful Balm, 3.0 oz.

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>>> Noodle Boo Nectar Mama Blissful <<<

Noodle   Boo Nectar Mama  Blissful

Feature :

  • Long-lasting moisture made from organic shea butter and sunflower oil, structure the great base to soften and moisturize dry and fresh out skin.
  • Natural fruit-derived alpha-hydroxy acids smoothly exfoliate rough skin.
  • Clinically-tested for confidential skin color color and hypoallergenic.

Details :

Nectar by noodle and boo pampers mommies-to-be and new moms utilizing luxurious pregnancy skin color area right care solutions that nurture and protect while offering peace of mind that there are no harmful ingredients that could hurt a developing newborn or nursing newborn.

Bilberry, lemon, orange, sugar cane and sugar maple extracts are blended together, to offer a and organic resource of alpha-hydroxy acids that carefully exfoliate rough skin.

Clinically-tested for susceptible skin color area and hypoallergenic.