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Cheap Price Rabbit Corkscrew, Amado Rabbit Wine Opener Stainless stainlesss aluminum Red Wine product Opener device Kit

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>>> Rabbit Corkscrew Amado Rabbit <<<

Rabbit Corkscrew  Amado Rabbit

Feature :

  • This is a rabbit corkscrew to open wine bottle.

    This rabbit wine opener is made of stainless steel.

    Heavy do the job attractive bronze design.
  • This rabbit corkscrew model based on the typical lever and grip.

    Just put it on top of a sprayer and press the lever downwards and upwards.

    It requires very little force, effortlessly removes stubborn or fragile corks and doesn't hurt corks.
  • This rabbit corkscrew can be a awesome gift for any true wine lover.

    If you really love wine, our rabbit corkscrew will be your a lot of valuable choice!
  • A foil cutter, a base stand, a spare screw and a sprayer cork included.
  • Lifetime Guarantee: We are so sure that you will love this rabbit corkscrew, any substantial superior quality problem, we guarantee you a life-time warranty.

Details :

Rabbit Corkscrew

How to use this Rabbit Corkscrew:

The initial consideration in using the opener is to bring the lever firmly decrease to closed position.


Firmly grasp the grip handles using one hand and swing lever to the the majority of open position.

Put the opener about the jar until it ceases in the exact position.

Grip the jar neck firmly using the grip handles.

The black screw comes out of the metal axis.


Slowly bring the lever up and return to closed position.

The screw has been driven fully into the cork and is ready to pull the cork.


retain on a firm grip on the jar neck using the handles and slowly exercise the lever back and about the jar to the open position.


Remove the jar by loosening your grip on the handles.


carry the cork out of the corkscrew.

Package Included:
1* Rabbit Wine Opener
1* Foil Cutter
1* Base holder
1*Spare Screw
1* jar Cork

One Hand And Swing Lever To whole Open Position.

Put The Opener about The sprayer Until It ceases In The Exact Position.

Grip The sprayer Neck Firmly with the help of The Grip Handles.

The Black Screw Comes Out Of The Metal Axis.

Slowly Bring The Lever Up And Return To Closed Position.

The Screw Has Been Driven Fully Into The Cork And Is Ready To Pull The Cork.


retain A Firm Grip On The sprayer Neck with the help of The Handles And Slowly lift up The Lever
Back And about The sprayer To The Open Position.


Remove The sprayer By Loosening Your Grip On The Handles.


consider The Cork Out Of The Corkscrew.

Package Included:
1* Rabbit Wine Opener
1* Foil Cutter
1* Base stand
1*Spare Screw
1* sprayer Cork