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Cheap Price Snugpak Jungle Blanket, Olive

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>>> Snugpak Jungle <<<

Snugpak Jungle

Feature :

  • Warm and lightweight
  • Travel sleek insulation created for excellent performance
  • Is antibacterial and antimicrobial as certainly as being windproof and having water resistant
  • Temperature status 45 degrees, low 36 degrees
  • 76"x64" weighing only 25 ounces
  • Travel sleek insulation
  • Compresses straight decrease to 6"x6" for lightweight, stream-lined traveling
  • Includes compression sack

Details :

The Jungle Blanket is a warm, lightweight, less bulky recommended to a traditional blanket or poncho liner used by many people.

Snugpak has specially specially engineered the Jungle Blanket using and leisure pleasant insulation, fashioned for excellent overal using really lightweight, heightened loft, fibers that give superior good results superbly possibly after being compressed into a small, sleek and attractive size for quite easily moveable traveling.

The Jungle Blanket also has an Antibacterial and anti microbial treatment as superior as is windproof and water resistant.

The Jungle Blanket will become your wonderful friend when the temperature drops.

Snugpak Has specially engineered The Jungle Blanket Using holiday light Insulation, designed For excellent good results Using extra Lightweight,
higher Loft, Fibers That work Superbly possibly After Being Compressed Into A Small, sleek and fashionable Size For light-weight Traveling.