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Cheap Price Wellner Sports Bike Air Pump - productive Cycle Tire Air Pump - For as good of the ones folks Schrader & Presta Valves - comprises Mounting Bracket, Ball Needle, Balloon Valve & BONUS Tire Repair supplies - 260 PSI

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>>> Wellner Sports Bike Air Pump <<<

Wellner Sports Bike Air Pump

Feature :

  • HIGH anxiety & awesome useful INFLATION - gain effortless & sweat-free inflation utilizing our transportable Bike Pump which generates means that higher air volumes per stroke & wil fill up a tire (UP TO A MAX OF 260 PSI) in a breeze - thanks to inside pressurisation that fina in useful air intake.
  • STURDY & wonderful - Made up of aerospace grade aluminium alloy, it features a tough metallic structure & a stream-lined (160g) build! The wonderful type permits it to fishing land up TO as good SCHRADER AND PRESTA VALVES not having the wil of any adapter.
  • UNPARALLELED CONVENIENCE - utilizing listed METALLIC BRACKET, you can firmly secure as good pump & container cage to the bike frame or basically just slide it in your backpack.

    You also receive A BALL NEEDLE & BALLOON VALVE, which help make it very best actually as a Ball Pump or Balloon Pump.
  • HASSLE-FREE type - manageable AIR HOSE seals on the valve stem perfectly, lowers the risk of air-leakage, causes it painless to fishing land up the bike pump to the valve stem not having putting undue strain (even in difficult to attain positions) & rules out breaking or bending of the stem! The universally harmonious type is very best as highway bike pump or Mountain Bike Pump, and can be used actually for a BMX Bike, Motorcycles or electric cars!
  • UNBEATABLE DEAL & GUARANTEE - It doesn't end here - besides the no-sweat inflation, you also receive some essentials to handle emergencies just such as punctures.

    Yes, as BONUS you receive a SET OF SELF ADHESIVE PATCHES & A GRATER to repair flat tires in a cycling adventure! Moreover, utilizing our 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee you have got nothing to lose.

    So, GO AHEAD & receive THE greatest BIKE PUMP, bike air pump or tire air pump that's harmonious utilizing all bike types!

Details :

Inflate your tires in a fraction of the normally important strokes, eliminate risk of breaking valve stems, and use it conveniently for frequently Schrader and Presta valves, with out having the use of any adapter!


- Innovative layout for a bike hand pump that can help make filling of air in tires less tedious & strenuous
- Premium metallic finish that goes superb by means that of your today's bike - looks superior & performs far a lot more desirable than inferior plastic pumps
- indoor Pressurisation allow for higher air intake and can pump up a tire up to an unbelievably significant burden of 260 PSI (17.9 bar)
- Universally working pump layout - Suitable for all kinds of bikes, with out having requiring any distinct adapter or the demand to change valves - be it a street bike, hybrid or a mountain bike
- lumination & workable air hose can help make the otherwise complex connection between pump & valve entirely hassle-free
- Superior sea by means that of the hose reduces any possibilities of leakage - thus improving the efficiency of inflation
- When not in use hose remains stored in a tube attached to the main body of the pump
- High-strength aluminium alloy build proves sufficiently reliable for any cycling adventure


- 7.5" Pump Main Body
- 6.3" workable Connecting Air Hose which is convertible form Schrader working to Presta compatible
- A metal bracket by means that of screws
- Embedded tube that stores connecting hose & attaches to the pump body
- Ball Needle
- Balloon Valve
- Self Adhesive Patches
- Grater


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Superior & Performs far better Than Inferior Plastic Pumps
- indoor Pressurisation allow for For Higher Air Intake And Can Pump Up A Tire Up To An unbelievably high stress Of 260 PSI (17.9 Bar)
- Universally agreeable Pump layout - Suitable For All Kinds Of Bikes, with out Requiring Any independent Adapter Or The wil To Change Valves - Be It A road Bike, Hybrid Or A Mountain Bike
- sharp & manageable Air Hose may make The Otherwise
Complex Connection Between Pump & Valve Entirely Hassle-free
- Superior closure because of The Hose Reduces Any Possibilities Of Leakage - Thus Improving The Efficiency Of Inflation
- When Not In Use Hose Remains Stored In A Tube Attached To The Main Body Of The Pump
- High-strength Aluminium Alloy Build Proves Sufficiently Reliable For Any Cycling Adventure


- 7.5" Pump Main Body
- 6.3" manageable Connecting Air Hose Which Is Convertible Form Schrader agreeable To Presta Compatible
- A Metal Bracket by means that of Screws
- Embedded Tube That Stores Connecting Hose & Attaches To The Pump Body
- Ball Needle
- Balloon Valve
- Self Adhesive Patches
- Grater


So, Why Think Twice?

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