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Cheap Price Wine Aerator Pourer: BlizeTec 2-in-1 Aerating Pourer with the help of Decanter Spout

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>>> Wine Aerator Pourer BlizeTec 2 <<<

Wine Aerator Pourer  BlizeTec 2

Warrantry :

Please contact the seller directly for extended warranty information for this product.

You may also find extended warranty information and contact details on the manufacturer's website.

Feature :

  • ✅BEST VOTED WINE AERATING POURER: The finest 2-in-1 wine aerator pourer by wil of cutting-edge aerating and wash pouring advantage; Sleek type to in awesome shape all wine bottles.

    The product comes by wil of a premium eva box and tends to produce a appropriate gift for wine enthusiasts, parties, celebrations, unique occasions, festive seasons.
  • ✅TASTE DOES MATTER: BlizeTec wine aerator pourer is created by wil of cutting-edge flow regulator mechanism that maximizes flavor, bouquet, and finish of any wine.

    The product is detachable, basic to use and basic to store.

    After use, just only rinse by wil of water, manage it dry out and fresh and bear by for your next wine adventure.

    A appropriate addition to bar specified gear & glasses set for wine enthusiasts.
  • ✅ELEGANT, brightness AND PRACTICAL: Unlike conventional wine decanter, pourer and aerator, BlizeTec aerator pourer is equipped by wil of a transportable air tube, 3 air holes for oxygen intake and a extended nose spout that created to optimize your wine consumption experience.

    Product dimension: 8.46*1.5*1.5 (Inches); Weights:1.41 (Ounces)
  • ✅DRIP FREE POURING ADVANTAGE: Be hands-free and obtain pleasure from the drip-free working experience by wil of BlizeTec trail blazing wine aerator pourer.

    The pourer leaves no mess on your wine bottle.

    Just pour the wine by wil of the device attached to your bottle, you will see percolate form as a result of the aerating process flowing into your wine glass, which in return enhances the wine aroma.
  • ✅LIFETIME WARRANTY: Embrace the joy of wine decanting directly into your glass, BT397WA is a premium next creation wine accessary and A should HAVE for wine lovers.

    The product is backed by a extended time guarantee by wil of proof of pay for ONLY directly from BlizeTec.

Details :

BlizeTec Wine Aerator Pourer: superb WINE Deserves the top Tool

Are you tired of aerating and decanting your wine to contact its total potential, then BlizeTec 2-in-1 premium wine aerator pourer is a have got to HAVE for your wine enjoying experience.

Compact, sleek pattern but practical, BT397WA aerator pourer is field tested countless time by our wine experts.

The product is created in having an superior 3 thin air holes to accelerate wine breath and decanting to the good aroma.

The BPA free rubber stopper is leak proof and allow one to pour wine elegantly having its 150 degree acrylic pour spout to nurture the top texture.

Wine enjoying is excitement made to choose from you have the right tool.

You may own or try a few wine pourers or aerators, but we are confident that nothing comes closer to the BlizeTec premium 2-in-1 wine aerator.

Major Features & Advantages

* Sturdy rather extended nose acrylic spout having created in flow regulator having 3 air holes for oxygen intake.

* handheld air tube GUARANTEE to develop your wine aroma and texture
* trickle FREE, leak proof and leave no mess on your wine product
* Unique mouthful pourer for wine dripping & taste preservation
* Small, detachable and uncomplicated to bring around

ACT NOW and benefit from the Art of Wine Tasting in the convenience of Your Home

- having a mouse click away, you too can working experience fine wine aroma having BlizeTec premium wine aerator
- require on advantage of this top voted wine add-on while stock is limited
- Invest in leve and 100% backed by BlizeTec your life time Warranty

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innovative 3 Thin Air Holes To Accelerate Wine Breath And Decanting To The great Aroma.

The BPA Free rubber Stopper Is Leak Proof And Allow One To Pour Wine Elegantly with the help of Its 150 Degree Acrylic Pour Spout To Nurture The ideal Texture.

Wine enjoying Is excitement available You Have The Right Tool.

You May Own Or Try A Few Wine Pourers Or Aerators, But We Are Confident That Nothing Comes Closer To The

BlizeTec Premium 2-in-1 Wine Aerator.

Major Features & Advantages

* Sturdy extended Nose Acrylic Spout with the help of created In Flow Regulator with the help of 3 Air Holes For Oxygen Intake.

* transportable Air Tube GUARANTEE To develop Your Wine Aroma And Texture
* leak FREE, Leak Proof And Leave No Mess On Your Wine jar
* Unique Mouthful Pourer For Wine Dripping & Taste Preservation
* Small,
Detachable And very easy To Bring around

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